Selected Works

The spectrum of K'banchik's work is spread across many aspects of film making. From cinematography and editing to special effects and color grading. Here are the samples of some recent projects.


HENRY BUYS A HAT is a short film about how friendship helps us face our private struggles.

  • Director - Malinda Sorci
  • Cinematographer/Editor - Yevgeniy K'banchik 

Henry (Jerry Zellers) has lost his hat in New York City. On the hunt for a new one, he finds a slightly batty friend, Stacy (Estelle Bajou), instead. Together they roam the city in search of the perfect hat. Along the way, they find themselves.

You can watch here

Daydream Of The Sleepwalker.

Daydream Of The Sleepwalker. 

  • Director/Cinematographer - Yevgeniy K'banchik
  • Story by - Janusz Gilewicz

An unrecognized painter encounters his own ego in a form of an uninvited strange guest.  As a result of this encounter, the struggling artist is compelled to reexamine his views on art production.  
This experimental short is created using stop-motion technique, featuring real-life characters and interviews.

At this point the film is going through round of festivals. You can watch short clip from the film here

Pechatnikoff Alley #3

This film is about one of the last streets of old Moscow which is about to be destroyed by urban over-development in this richest of countries. One man tries to document the street's last days, but finds himself having to face the issues of his own life and death. This dark comedy contrasts the remnants of the old-fashioned Moscow aura with the corrupt spirit of contemporary Russia. Humorous. Provocative.

You can watch film here

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