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The Web series is an interplay between the real and mythological world, the Garden of Eden and a modern metropolis.  The story is based on an idea that Adam, the first man, had a wife that was created equal to him.  Unable to compete with Lilith’s strength and character, Adam requested a woman inferior to him, Eve.  Two artists and equally strong characters are trying to find themselves while balancing their personal life as a couple. Unable to withstand constant challenges of being human and tired of battling personal demons, one of them is going to give up. When a woman and a man are created equal, only fate can decide who will be the one to break the sacred union.

Plot summery

Everyone knows the biblical story of creation of first man and wife, Adam and Eve.  However, according to ancient mythology, Adam had a wife before Eve, and her name was Lilith. This myth appears in early medieval time in Judaism; and there are many other myths that resemble this story. If we look at the first two chapters of Genesis, we can see that there are two stories about creation of men. In the first chapter, God created a Man and a Woman. And in the second chapter, God created Adam first, and then, from Adam’s flesh, He created a wife. The name Eve appears only after their expel from the Garden of Eden. So, what exactly happened in the Eden? Who was she, the woman that was created along with the man, and why did Adam need another wife? Perhaps, we need to create other myths to help us understand how and why a woman became a second-grade being not only in Judea-Christian culture, but also in other parts of the world where Europeans had their presence.

In LILITH, two worlds are depicted, a mythological world, The Garden of Eden, and our contemporary world, a metropolis. These two worlds supplement each other.  In The Gardens of Eden, Adam and Lilith are depicted as child-like characters that just appeared in this world, trying to discover themselves.  Their communication, as well as their relationship, is superficial and unsophisticated. On the contrary, in the contemporary world, the relationship between Adam and Lilith is full of passion, depth, and real-world problems.  Both Adam and Lilith are equally strong characters.  Both are struggling artists that try to find a balance between their artistic ambitions and their personal relationship.  Adam is an introvert.  He is a painter, who sees the world through images, and has difficulty communicating his emotions towards Lilith.  Lilith, a performer and writer, is highly intellectual, and is curious about the world around her.  Lilith constantly tries to push Adam to his highest potential, whereas Adam takes a more contemplative approach to creativity, and resists any intrusion into his world.  As the story unfolds, both Lilith and Adam realize that they cannot compete with each other on intellectual and artistic basis.  As they grow apart, Adam is forced to look for a new wife, someone much simpler, obedient, and someone who would help but not compete.   As Eve enters the storyline, Adam seems to be happy on the surface.  However, at the end, he has two conflicting emotions: one is a sense of comfort and contentment that Eve is able to provide; and the other is deep sense of dissatisfaction with himself as an artist because of the lack on intellectual stimulus that came from Lilith.

Episode 1. Lilith Day 6

We start with day Six. Which is the last day of creation, and the last episode of the web series. This episode is something between Pilot and Post Scriptum.


Not a Kickstarter video

This not a Kickstarter video, just a few words about the project.

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