Jenya Kulek - 

From the dark Prussian woods to the fiords of Walhalla
Here He comes only once in a live time, newer twice.
Yellow flower of the dried bread crumbs on the table.
Once he was lift up and never come down.
Do you like him, or not? never mind.
But never look him in the eye, or you will melt.
Like a frozen river under spring sun.

Thanks giving song.

Die Angst is a film trilogy created for the Ghost Light Revival (curated by April Danielle Lewis), one-night installation and performance event at the 12th annual Transmodern Festival. 

The concept of Die Angst was developed by German existentialist philosophers in the late 19 century. It deals with profound and deep-seated condition of fear and anxiety associated with freedom of choice that is both appealing and terrifying.

Project consist of three fears.

Angst 1
Six Colors.
Series of black and white associations representing Angst of each color.

Angst 2
"An old Sufi carrying a torch and a bucket of water was asked once, why is he carrying this all the time? 
-To flood the hell and burn the paradise, he replayed"
A loop film showing the Angst of redundancy of the everyday.

Angst 3
Pillar of The Church.
A piece of wood that once was a pillar of an old church. There should be a new purpose for this artifact, but cannot it be found. As it says in the scripture, "And no one pours new wine into old wineskins".


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